About the school.
Where is the school located? We are in Tongzi Lin Dong Lu inside Orchard Villas west area opposite Peter’s Tex-Mex Grill close to the Tongzilin Metro Line 1 stop.
What are your working hours? We provide classes throughout the year and any time you want to study we are here for you and a flexible class schedule can be designed according to your schedule.
What makes you special? Our teachers
Our teachers have years of teaching experience and they have graduated from well-known universities majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language in China.,(click here you will know more)

Our methods
We believe that the fastest way to learn Chinese is to love it in the first place. We are trying to make our institute an interesting place to stay will provide you with a wide range of creative and effective study methods to choose from. Here at our institute you will find Chinese a mysterious yet fascinating language. Unlike what you often hear it is not so difficult to learn this old language.(click here you will know more)

Our environment
Our Rainbow Corner has Café, Mini-Library, Charity and our colorful classrooms will brighten your mood for the day.( click here you will know more)

Our services
We are your Chinese teacher and your Chinese friends. One important service we provide is that we will organize a lot of activities to help you adapt to the life in Chengdu. (click here you will know more)
What type of courses do you have? We have an intensive program, part-time program and summer camp. The extent of the course will be tailored according to your needs. We have HSK and BCT training, children's Chinese, Business Chinese, regular lessons, situational Chinese, Sichuan dialect, Chinese culture lessons.
Our special interior tutorials allows you to speak Chinese in three months.
I want focus on HSK, are you professional at it? Yes. Our teachers have extensive teaching experience in HSK. We will focus on HSK exam questions and some key points. We will teach problem-solving skills and techniques that will help in the exam. We have assisted many students to prepare and pass their HSK exam. We will set your HSK study plan according to your level of Chinese.
I only want to get some daily-living communication. How long will that take? Of course, we will arrange Chinese, traditional Chinese language, or Sichuan dialect lessons according to your needs, you just tell us what level you expect to achieve, we will provide a tailor-made courses for you.
Can I study what I want according to my work needs? Sure. Our learning content is entirely based on students' career and life requirements and are not reliant on a single textbook. We allow students not only build a solid grammatical foundation and learn a lot of useful words and sentences but also generate good understanding of Chinese and local culture.
Is it possible for me to have class at a place is convenient to me? Yes, we can arrange for our teacher to go to your place but we will need to add a little fee to cover travel and time. However, we strongly recommend that you come to our school, where you have a better language learning environment and atmosphere and access to better learning resources. In school you will progress faster and better but if you wish to study outside school, we will still try to arrange this for you but the cost will be based on how far the teacher should go.
Do you have other interesting cultural lessons? It is a good question! We have a rich cultural theme lectures that help students to improve their understanding of China's traditional culture and contemporary Chinese people's living conditions and ideas. In addition, we have a wide variety of interesting Chinese Talent courses such as: calligraphy class, paper cutting classes, tea classes, mahjong classes, tai chi classes and so on.
Will the classes be taught in English? All of our teachers know how to teach in Chinese. They are able to give students a Chinese context. Even when we face the real beginners, we will only be supplemented with a little bit of English. If you are French, German or the Russian and your English is not very good, we will help you understand with pictures, videos, and body language. Our lively classroom atmosphere will let you see your progress every day.
How could I know My level? Before you study in rainbow concept we will assess your Chinese level and prepare a study schedule just for you. We will adjust the study program according to your needs and situation.
How do I know if your method suits me or not? We will give you a free trial Class where you can directly experience the Rainbow teaching method. At the same time you can meet face to face with our teachers and we will make a suitable plan according to your needs and requirements.
Students & Teachers.
What are your teachers like? Our teachers have years of teaching experience and have graduated from well-known universities majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language in China. Our teacher Abigail Yang has been teaching full time since 2007. She has taught students from 20 different country and has written a textbook, based on her rich teaching experience, which helps students to master daily mandarin in 3 months. Christina Liu has taught hundreds of students and has over ten years teaching experience. Another teacher in our institute, Candice Zhang, has 6 years of teaching experience. There are many good teachers to choose from at the Rainbow institute(click here for more information of teachers)
Will I have a same teacher for all of my lessons? What if I am not happy with my teacher? We will try to give you the same teacher but we can’t guarantee because your lessons will change with your needs and your teacher’s timetable will change over time. We might put you with different teachers so that you can get used to different voices.
If you are not happy with your teacher we will arrange another one for you. At the end of each learning phase we will take the initiative to ask students if they are satisfied with their teachers and will take appropriate action. Our teachers receive regular and professional teacher training and performance review throughout the year to ensure that you receive a high standard of tuition.
What age are your students? Our students range from 6 to 70 years. As long as you love Chinese we are here for you. The average age of our students is between 18 to 48but during summer camp the age is between 6 to16.
What kind of Visa do I need? We don’t have a visa requirement to study at the institute and if you already live in Chengdu we can teach you. If you live abroad you have to have a visa to come here to learn or we can use skype to give you lessons.
Do you organize interesting events as well? You bet we do! This is what we proud of! We have organized a wide range of activities such as large-scale activities like camping excursions, business receptions, etc. smaller activities Literary Week exhibition, Sichuan cooking, playing mahjong and other cultural activities. Through these activities, you can have better understanding of the Chinese culture where you can meet other students and friends and expand your social circle. (click here you will know more)
Do you provide airport pick up or drop off services? Yes, we can provide both airport pick up and drop off services. Just let us know your departure or arrival information at least 2 weeks in advance and we will promptly get back to you with pricing information.