Our teachers have years of teaching experience and have graduated from well-known universities majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language in China. Our teacher Abigail Yang has been teaching full time since 2007. She has taught students from 20 different countries and she has written a textbook, based on her rich teaching experience, which helps students to master daily mandarin in 3 months. Christina Liu has taught hundreds of students and has over ten years teaching experience. Another teacher in our institute, Candice Zhang, has 6 years of teaching experience. There are many good teachers to choose from at the Rainbow institute.(click here for more information of teachers)
We believe that the fastest way to learn Chinese is to love it in the first place. We are trying to make our institute an interesting place to stay will provide you with a wide range of creative and effective study methods to choose from. Here at our institute you will find Chinese a mysterious yet fascinating language. Unlike what you often hear it is not so difficult to learn this old language.
All the words learned will form a short story. Practice can be done in 2 ways with the teacher talking and the student listening or with the student talking and the teacher listening. In this way, you not only remember the words and grammar but also know how to use it.
Chinese grammar is not so difficult because the word does not change with the tense. By the same token, the majority of Chinese characters have their own individual meaning. Usually when one word is composed of two or more characters, if you know the meaning of one character you can guess the meaning of the word.
Follow us and learning Chinese is so simple!
This is not a school but the Rainbow Town. Friendly, cordial, relaxed and fun are the key elements here. We provide the Rainbow Corner café, a mini-library and a charity table to create a beautiful and comfortable environment. Each of our classrooms has a different color, signifying a different mood every day.(click here for more information)
We are your Chinese teachers and your Chinese friends. Language will become useful only when it is put into the real life practice. Life is something that needs to be experienced and felt by ourselves. One important service we provide is that we will organize a lot of activities such as Explore Chengdu, Summer Camp, Field Camping, Short trips to the suburbs etc. Chengdu is your second home and you are not just a guest here.(click here for more information)
Leaving Chengdu and want to sell or give away something? Want to exchange second-hand items? Sign up for our rainbow fair second hand market. Using our free trading platform, you can upload your photos to the rainbow fair to share and people who are interested can contact you directly. You can leave your contact details on the web site, so that people can find you easier if you wish. We offer you an open, free communicate platform.(click here for more information)