The Local Food & Drink Listing.

Hongxing Restaurant(Yangxi branch) 红杏酒家(羊西店)

a new style Sichuan cuisine restaurant combing traditional materials with creative cooking methods. Specialties:Hongxing Ji(Hongxing chicken), Shanduan Fensi(Sauteed Eel with Vermicelli), Tiaoshui Tu(Diced Rabbit Meat with Pickles Capsicum).
Add: Gongjian Tower E, Jinchengyuan, No.289, Middle Shuhan Road, Jinniu District, (028)8753-4630

Zigong Haochike(Kehua branch) 自贡好吃客(科华店)

One branch of Zigong Yanbangcai restaurant with spicy dishes Specialties: Tiaoshuiwa(Cooked Frog with Pickled Capsicum), Touhua(Tofu Curd), Lengguoyu(Cold Pot fish).
Add: No.101, North Kehua Road, Wuhou District, (028)8524-0535

Pansunshi Restaurant 盘飱市

A time-honored brand sauced meat shop that was built in 1925 and has always attracted endless gourments.
Specialties: Lushui Pinpan(Assorted Marinated Meat), Lurou Guokui(Tortilla Layered with Marinated Meat).
Add: No.62-64, Huaxing Street, Jinjiang District, (028)8675-0609

Sister Kang's Chuan Chuan Xiang(Zhongdao Street branch) 康二姐串串香(中道街店)

It is known as the best hot&spicy restaurant in Chengdu, and all dishes are sold out before 17:00 every day.
Specialties: Beef, Brain, Duck Tongue.Attached.
Add: 23, No.99, Zhongdao Street, Jinjiang District, 13018231143

Xiaomingtang Dan Dan Sweet Noodle(Dongchenggen Upper Street branch) 小名堂丹丹甜水面(东城根上街店)

Sweet Noodle tastes like Dumplings with chili oil;the noodles are chewy and can be had in both hot and cool taste.
Specialties: Tianshui Mian(Sweet Noodle), Dan Dan Noodle(Sichuan Noodles with Peppery Sauce), Bo Bo Ji(Braised Chicken with Red Camphor Oil).
Add; Floor1, Dazhou Hotel, No.1, Jiangjun Street, Qingyang District, (028)8625-8168

My Sichuan Restaurant(Kuan&Zhai Alley Branch) 成都映像(窄巷子店)

A Sichuan restaurant in Kuan&Zhai Alley with authentic taste and simple&unsophisticated environment.
Specialties:Shuizhuyu(Poached Fish in Chili Oil), Maoxuewang(Boiled Blood Curd), Mapo Tofu(Sauteed Tofu in Hot and Spicy Sauce).
Add: No.16, Zhai Alley, Qingyang District, (028)8624-5678

Shujiuxiang Hotpot Restaurant(Yulin branch) 蜀九香火锅酒楼(玉林店)

A local representative hotpot branch where hotpot is cooked in the traditional speed-dial shaped pot.
Specialties: Qiancengdu(Thousand-layered beef), Huanghou(Beef Windpipe).
Add: No.11-2(nearby South Yulin Road), Nijiaqiao Road, Yulin Community, Wuhou District, (028)8557-0362

Liaolaoma's Stewed Pettitoe Restaurant廖老妈蹄花

Stewed pettitoes are not greasy and help with maintaining beauty and keeping young;people will be nourished if having it on a winter nigh. Specialties:Laoma Tihua(Stewed Laoma pettitoes), Xuedou Tihua(Stewed Pettitoes with Sieva Bean).
Specialties: Qiancengdu(Thousand-layered beef), Huanghou(Beef Windpipe).
Add: No.7-11, Dongchenggen South Street, Qingyang District, (028)6679-0382

Yulin Chuan Chuan Xiang(Yulin branch) 玉林串串香(玉林店)

The most famous chain's hot&spicy branch in Chengdu.
Specialties: Beef, Beef Omasum, Potatoes.
Add: No.26, Yulin Street, Wuhou Street, (028)8558-0723

Shunxing Old Teahouse(Shawan branch) 顺兴老茶馆(沙湾店)

It combines folk performance and snacked and is particularly suitable for nonlocal visitors.
Specialties: Gaiwancha(Tea served in a set of cups), various Chengdu snacks.
Add: Floor3, International Convention and Exhibition Center, No.258, Shawan Road, Jinniu District, (028)8769-3202

Fuqi Feipian(Zongfu Road branch)夫妻肺片(总府路店)

A hundred-year old restaurant famous for Fuqi Feipian(Sliced Beef) and Ox Tongue in Chili Sauce) and Zhongshuijiao(Zhong's Dumpling). Specialties: Fuqi Feipian(Sliced Beef and Ox Tongue in Chili Sauce), Suanla Douhua(Sour and Hot Stewed Tofu ) Fenzhengrou(Steamed Pork with Rice Flour).
Add: No.23, Zongfu Road, Jinjiang District, (028)8661-7171

Huangcheng Laoma Restaurant(Huangcheng branch) 皇城老妈(皇城店)

A popular restaurant for nonlocal visitors with quite good dining environment and Sichuan opera face-changing performance.
Specialties: Lama Niurou(Lama Beef), Sanwenyu(Salmon), Lama Jipian(Sliced Laoma Chicken).
Add: No.20, Third Section, Second Ring Road South, Wuhou District, (028)8513-9999

He's Barbecue(Kehua branch) 何师烧烤(科华店)

A famous brand popular among youths,which developed barbecue on a large scale.
Specialties:Kaodaqie(Grilled Whole Eggplant), Kao Wuhuarou(Grilled Pork Bellies), Kao Paigu(Grilled Ribs).
Add: Inside Lanse Jialebi Square, No.143, North Kehua Road, Wuhou District, (028)8523-0968

Huaxing Street Noodle with Fried Egg 华兴街煎蛋面

It is a time-honored brand restaurant established in 1901; noodle with fried tomatoes and egg is the favorite home food of Sichuan people.
Specialties: Fanqie Jian Dan Mian(Noodle with Fried Tomatoes and Egg), Hongtang Zongzi(Cooked Rice Dumpling with Brown Sugar), Laozao Fenzi(Cooked Flour Ball with Glutinous Rice).
Add: Floor1, Zhengcheng Caifu ID Building, No.2, West Zitongqiao Street, Jinjiang District, (028)8905-7070

Heming Teahouse 鹤鸣茶社

It is a long-standing teahouse built in 1920 and engaged in open-air teahouse; it is the best choice for experiencing tea culture.
Specialties: Zhuyeqing, Bitan Piaoxue(both are famous local teas).
Add: Inside Renmin Park, No.12,Shaocheng Road, Qingyang District.
Restaurants Western.

8trees Wine Bar

Chinese-Malay dishes at moderate to high prices.RMB30 to 50 lunch sets; International wines emphasizing fine French wines.
Add:9 Pin'an Xiang(25 Xihuamen Jie, next to Catholic Church) 8棵树·平安巷9号(西华门街25号) Tel.86699060


Add: Upscale French restaurant with French chef and imported wines. 33Kuan Xiangzi 滴意法式餐厅·宽巷子33号 Tel.86266536

Intercontinental Café

All-day dining and weekend buffet.
Add: Intercontinental Hotel, 88Shiji Cheng Lu 天堂洲际大饭店·世纪城路88号 Tel.85349999

Peter's Tex Mex

Look past the hokey "Wild West"-themed interior and uniforms to enjoy generous portions of standard southwest Stateside fare-burgers, tacos, fajitas, enchiladas, burritos, steaks, pizza, pasta, salad, shakes, pies, etc. Delivery to nearby locations. Wifi
Add: 117Kehua Bei Lu 彼得西餐·科华北路117号 Tel.85227965
Jinxiu Lu, west side of Zongbei International Bldg. 彼得西餐·锦绣路34号附1号(棕北国际出入口旁) Tel.85253560
2Tongzilin Dong Lu(opp.orchard Villa) 彼得西餐·桐梓林东路2号 Tel.85180903
Fenghua Yuan Shangpu, 3tongzilin Zhonglu 彼得西餐·桐梓林中路3号风华苑商铺1楼
China Post Saving 2F, Dadi Xin Nan Jie 彼得西餐·光华村南街50号地新光华广场中国邮政储蓄2楼 Tel.87086618
Galleria Mail 3F No.24, 99 Shengheyi Lu 彼得西餐 盛和一路99号 凯丹广场3楼24号 Tel.65978998

A Boluza

Italian restaurant with open kitchen
Add: 85Zijing Beilu Great World Mall 1F No.109-110 紫荆北路85号 大世界商业广场1楼88号 Tel.61550070


Italian dishes and wines.
Add: Galleria Mall4F, 99Shengheyi Lu Grappa's 意大利餐厅·人民南路宜家旁凯丹广场四楼 Tel.65979637


Foreign-language library hosts art, music and culture events.Full restaurant,bar service all day.Wifi
Add: 2Yujie Dong Jie, No.7, 28Renming Nan Lu, Sect.4 老书虫·人民南路4段28号玉洁东街2号附7号 Tel.85520177

Grandma's Kitchen

Western food in a comfortable setting.Wifi
Add: Blue Caribbean Plaza 2F, 143 Kehua Beilu 祖母的厨房·蓝色加勒比2楼科华北路143号 Tel.85242835

Leanas Bakery&Restaurant

Authentic American food, breakfast, lunch,dinner, desert&gourment coffee. Delivery&takeout available.
Add: Shuhan jie4-1 莲娜西点坊·蜀汉街4号附1号 Tel.85582088
8Tianfu Dadao North Sect. Sunning Plaza 2F(226) 天府大道北段8号苏宁广场二楼226号 Tel.85190851

Seasons International

International Kitchen inside the Kempinski
Add: Shuhan jie4-1 莲娜西点坊·蜀汉街4号附1号 Tel.85582088
Add: 42Renmin Nan Lu, Sect.4 凯宾斯基饭店·人民南路四段42号 Tel.85269999/5510

The Boutique

Italian pasta.
Add: Shangri-la Office Tower 2F, 9Bingjiang Dong Lu. 火山魔方 滨江东路9号 香格里拉办公楼2楼 Tel.84446678 15308037378

Mike's Pizza Kitchen

Pizza, sandwiches&desserts with delivery service.
Add: 9Tongzilin Nanlu 桐梓林南路9号 Tel.85226453

Café Z

All you eat and a la carte five-star international cuisine.
Shangri-la Hotel, 9Binjiang Dong Lu 香格里拉大酒店·滨江东路9号 Tel.88889999

Haiyatt Garden Hotel

Italian ,Southeast asian,and Taiwanese cuisine.
Add: Haiyatt Garden Hotel, 8F, Chunxi Lu East Sect. 海悦花园大酒店中餐厅·春熙路东段步行街 Tel.81918888

Paulaner Brauhaus

Bavarian and German food with boutique brewery and beer garden.
Add: Kempinski Hotel, 42Remin Nan Lu Sect.4 普拉那啤酒坊·凯宾斯基饭店以内人民南路四段42号 Tel.85269999/5540


Modern Italian, French and Chinese cuisine with a chateau Lafite selection of Old and New World red and white wines. Spendy.
Add: Maison Mode Skyone Bldg.5F, 56 Remin Nan Lu Sect.2 话尚美餐吧·美美天一大厦人民南路二段56号 Tel.86207088

Casa Mosaico

Modena cuisine by Italian chef.
Add: 5Tongzilin Dong Lu 卡萨马克·桐梓林东路5号 Tel.85921505 85921290

Peterpan Italian Restaurant

Authentic Italian cuisine
Add: 8Xiaotian Xijie 彼得潘意大利餐厅·小天西街8号 Tel.85577058
Waishuangnan Egret Island commercial Pedstrian Street 彼得潘意大利餐厅·外双楠鹭岛国际商业步行街 Tel.85520888, 85520666
Restaurants Asia.

CACAJA out door seating available

18Binjiang Zhong Lu 印度菜菜·滨江中路18号 Tel.86670399
SOHO Bldg1F, No.40-43, 60Kehua Bei Lu 印度菜菜·科华北路60号
SOHO沸城1楼40-43号 Tel.85210318

Heng Ding 横丁日本料理

60Kehua Bei Lu, SOHO Bldg.No.211 科华北路60号费城211号 Tel.66428283
Platinum City 2F, 27Qinglong Jie 横丁日本料理·青龙正街27号铂金城2楼 Tel.66585333

Sakura No Miyako

Zhonghua Yuan Yi Qi, 8Tongziling Bei Lu No.4 中华苑第一期桐梓林北路8号附4号
Platinum Age City 2F, 27Qinglong Jie 青龙街27号2楼银金城

Jinhangong Korean Restaurant 金韩宫韩式餐饮

Wanda Sqaure 3F, Erhuan Lu East Sect.5 万达广场步行街3楼 Tel.84191012

Parkway Thai Restaurant 百世威泰国餐厅

Trilingual menu with photos.
Lido Bldg.b, Isetan Dept.Store 7F, Da Kejia Xiang No.8 大科甲巷8号丽都广场B座伊势丹百货7楼 Tel.96717223

Parkway Café百世威咖啡厅

Café with extensive menu serving Southeast Asian cuisine.
Lidu Bldg.B, Isetan Dept.Store3F, Da Kejia Xiang No.8 大科甲巷8号利都广场B座伊势丹百货3楼 Tel.86669493


20 Renmin Nan Lu,Sect4 人民南路四段20号 Tel.85569118

Hokkaido 北海道日本料理

Blue Caribbean Plaza No.101,143Kehua Bei Lu 科华北路蓝色加勒比101号
Yulin Life Plaza, 1-7Yulin Nan Lu, 2F 北海道日本料理·玉林南路玉林生活广场2楼 Tel.85588681
Changpagne Plaza 3F, Honhxing Lu at Dong dajie 北海道日本料理·红星路东大街香槟广场3楼 Tel.86661248

Tonkatsu Wako 和幸

8Dakejia Xiang.Chunxi Lu, lido Plaza Block8(Setan Bldg.) 7F 春熙路大科甲巷8号利都广场B座伊势丹百货7楼 Tel.86665191

Korean BBQ 韩国烧烤

80 Renmin Nan Lu, Sect2 Jinjiang Hotel 锦江宾馆·人民南路二段80号 Tel.85582222×6190

Thailand Shark Fin Restaurant 泰国鱼翅馆

10 Shenglong Jie(off Consulate Rd.) 领事馆路盛隆街10号 Tel.85220393/85222797
Zijing Mingyuan bldg.11, 2F, Shenxianshu Nan Lu 泰国鱼翅馆·神仙树南路紫荆名园11栋2楼 Tel.85132729/85136162
85 Guanghua Cun Jie泰国鱼翅馆·光华村街85号 Tel.91706600

Sultan 苏坦土耳其餐吧

Tuukish Kebabs,falafel,dips,soups,salads
1 Yulin Nan Jie,Jin'an Bldg., No.14 玉林南街1号金岸附14号 Tel.85554780

Tandoor (坦道印度餐厅)

Indian-run restaurant.Pricey, but lunch deals available.
34Remin Nan Lu Sect.4(behind Sunjoy Inn) 人民南路南四段34号 Tel.85551958

Kaminarimon 雷门

Jiuyanqiao 9 Zhonghaiguangchang Shangye Bujie 九眼桥中海广场商业步街9号 Tel.66096509
Chunxilu Silver City 5F 银石广场5楼

Dachangjin 韩国大长今料理

188Dong Dajie
东大街188号附1楼 Tel.86716667

Fiesta Thai 非常泰

Thai cuisine catering to a local palette.
6Linjiang Lu, next to Traffic Hotel 临江路6号 交通饭店旁 Tel.85454530

Pan-Asian 明堂烤肉厨房

Ming Tang BBQ Kitchen Asian bbq&bar.
41-43 Yulin Beilejie 玉林蓓蕾街41号43号 Tel.83177663/18108291092

Rice Plus 普乐快餐厅

Fast rice, curry&hamburg dishes plus fresh drinks.
9Tongzilin Nan Lu No.29 桐梓林南路9号附29号 Tel.85124390
Vegetarian Restaurants.

A Lotus on the Water 清水荷花

Much-touted vegetarian restaurant, inside the Wenshu area.Not to be confused with the restaurant inside the monastery.
5 Baiyunsi Jie, Wenshu Fang 文殊坊·白云寺街5号2楼 Tel.86921839
3Qidaoyan Jie No.5 清水荷花·七道堰街3号附5号 Tel.89865951

Kempi Deli

Kempinski Hotel's Bakery and deli.Gourmet foods. Tel.8526 9999/5545

Tortilla Factory of Kevin's Monther

Tortillas, chips, and salsa on demand.Tel.13438001200 or 13730887881

Vegetarian Lifestyle 枣子树

Taiwanese chain with a policy of no smoking,no alcohol,no egg,no meat and no MSG.Plenty of imitatin-meat dishes served in small portions.Chinese,English and Japanese menu offers selections from China's major cuisines.
4-A Platinum Age city Bldg.2, 27 Qinglongjie 青龙街27号2号楼4楼铂金城内 tel.86282848


Belgian chocolates.
129 ZiWei dong Lu, hi-Tech Zone 高新区紫薇东路129号 Tel.85195848
Isetan Department Store basement, Lido Plaza, 8Da Kejia Xiang 伊势丹百货大科甲巷8号利都广场1楼 Tel.13922889058
Fortune Center 1F, 6Daye Lu 大业路6号财富中心1楼集雅德店 Tel.86656586
Robbins Dept.Store, 1F, Dadi Xinguanghua Guangchang, 10Guanghuancun Jie 光华村街10号大地新光华百货1楼集雅德店 Tel.81713431

Tianyuan Vegetarian 田园素食

Homely vegetarian restaurant with small selection of organic cooking productions for sale.
Xiangbin wuhong2f, 1Chaoyang Lu, Yiguan miao 衣冠庙超洋路1号香梧桐2楼 Tel.85186083

Red cloud's Baked Goods(Delivery)

Breads, cakes, cookies, pies tortillas, etc. Free delivery on orderds of 50 RMB or more. English/Chinese. Tel.13882083542